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Moving Your Business/Office in Lake Tahoe?


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Businesses are moving offices on a regular basis as well. As businesses move, the old facility needs to be cleaned and prepared for renovation and property owners and managers will want to make sure their new location is given the white glove treatment before the movers begin moving the new office equipment in.

Move In / Move Out cleaning in Lake Tahoe is an even more of a daunting task given the unique high mountain environment that is Lake Tahoe and providing an efficient, cost effective and fast service request for move-in/move-out cleaning services is of a high priority, and we here at Tahoe Clean Cleaning Services of Lake Tahoe know the special needs of living on “the hill”.

Move in/out cleaning services for a commercial building or office complex or even a single small office are all available at Tahoe Clean Cleaning Services of Lake Tahoe. We have affordable moving cleaning packages, with inexpensive rates to meet the move in/out cleaning needs of residential and commercial property owners and managers and anyone in the Lake Tahoe area with move-in / move-out cleaning needs. Commercial move in/out cleaning can vary from small, quick one day service jobs of just a few thousand square feet to large office buildings of 10,000 square feet and up.

The prices charged will vary depending on the type of facility you are cleaning, the square footage of cleanable space that needs cleaning and that specific tasks to be performed by our staff. However, it’s fast and easy to get a free estimate for house, apartment or office pre or post move out cleaning in the Lake Tahoe area.